Support A Child

Out of 4.1 million Nairobi’s population, 3.5 million people live in poverty in the slums and urban areas of Nairobi, Kenya. They lack the basic necessities of life, including adequate housing, clean water, and sanitation services. Educational opportunities are negligible. All kinds of diseases run rampant throughout the communities. The scarcity of jobs complicates every problem.

There are nine distinct slum areas in Nairobi. Kibera, the largest, covers a square mile with an estimated population of one million people.The Kangemi slum has a population of about 650,000 poor people. Nearly a million more people live in the Mathare slum, an area of less than a square mile. Rivers of sewage run through the slum towns, carrying garbage and human waste. Most families crowd as many as 10 people into one-room huts made of scrap wood, corrugated tin, or mud without electricity, running water, or toilets.

Thousands of children have no homes but the streets, and turn to begging, stealing, prostitution, and drug-dealing to survive. Why is this happening? The explosion in the number of the poor children on the streets of Nairobi and other Kenyan cities can be traced to urbanization, the breakdown of the extended family support systems, ethnic tension between tribes, lack of social services and affordable education, skyrocketing unemployment, droughts.

In this dark wilderness, Genesis joy works to bring physical, emotional, and spiritual light through education and training to break the cycle of poverty and hopelessness.


  • Providing a transformative education program, clothing, and nutritious meals for the poorest children in the village through the child Sponsorship program.
  • Offering a strong Community Health Evangelism program.
  • Teaching HIV/AIDS awareness and education, as well as instruction on caring for those living with this disease.
  • Sponsoring microfinance loan program for launching small businesses.
  • Offering basic health and wellness education.
  • Offering family counseling and religious education.

Most of the parents who enter Genesis joy, in the slums of Nairobi, come with a variety of family problems. Genesis joy provides in-home family counseling by localvolunteer Christian social workers from different denominations called Friends of Genesis joy and teachers. Of course, the counselors always continue to share the love of Christ with their families. Counseling topics typically include alcoholism, drug abuse, child abuse, and joblessness.

Genesis Joy Partnership will endeavor to bring physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation to the lives of children and adults alike.

Child Sponsorship

Children run the narrow dirt pathways of Nairobi’s slums. Some are orphans searching for food or shelter, while others are the poorest of the poor begging for money on the city streets. Life is tough and hopeless for these younger inhabitants of the slums.

But there is Hope. In Mathare slum, Genesis Joy through your partnership, will offer a future for children through our child sponsorship program. Children selected for this program will receive an excellent education, as well as food, clothing, medical care, books, and counseling. They will also gain an understanding of the love of God.

For just a little more than a dollar a day, you can invest in a child and promote change in his or her community. Your sponsorship of a child provides opportunity and blessing.

If you would like to sponsor a child, please click DONATE If you are interested in the child sponsorship program for your church, please click Individual Sponsorship

Individual Sponsorship

You can choose to sponsor a day primary student at $35 per child permonth or a high school student for $70 per child per month.Your gift, distributed through Genesis Joy Partnership, provides all that is needed for your child’s schooling (classroom instruction, meals, school uniforms, medical care, textbooks, counseling, Bible teaching, a caring atmosphere), celebration of holidays and events, and extra-curricular activities. When a child is in Genesis Joy School, his family is also relieved of the child’s financial needs in these areas, so their meager resources can be applied to other life needs.

Through the link, please choose the gender and age range of a child that you would like to sponsor as you send your first gift. We will then send you a packet of information with a picture of your chosen child and his/her ID number. Your monthly gift made by credit card or electronic check on this website is sent to our office for receipting and distribution. You may also make your monthly gift by check bank bill pay, or automatic withdrawal. A receipt for your gift will include a return coupon for your next gift.

How is my monthly support used?


i) Child sponsorship student @ $35 per month;

  • $12Education –Teachers’ salaries, social workers’ salaries, school supplies, uniforms
  • $11 Nutrition – Two meals a day, kitchen staff salaries, equipment
  • $2 Medical –Medical bills for referral cases, first aid supplies, health workshops, hygiene program
  • $2 Spiritual Development –VBSs, camps, kindergarten graduation, school break programs
  • $3 Facilities –Utilities, security, maintenance, office and general supplies
  • $5Administration –Partnership facilitation, correspondence, photography, postage, bank charges.

ii) High school student @ $70 per month;

  • $20 Education – Teachers’ salaries, social workers’ salaries, school supplies, uniforms, textbooks, exam fees, tuition (high school), library fees
  • $30 Nutrition – Two meals per day, kitchen staff salaries, equipment, furniture
  • $3 Medical– Nurse, medications, health workshops, hygiene program, physical exams
  • $4 Spiritual Development– Bible studies, camps, VBSs, graduation, educational trips, holiday youth camps, motivational seminars, workshops, social workers’ visits (to high schools)
  • $5 Facilities– Utilities, security, maintenance, office and general supplies, or development funds paid to the high schools
  • $8 Administration– Partnership facilitation, correspondence, photography, postage, bank charges.

Church Sponsorship

Here’s how church-based child sponsorship works:-

An interested church, contacts us to begin the partnership process. We designate a community/school with its children who need sponsorship, specifically for your church. The church asks its members to sponsor these children in an effort to transform an entire community from the ground up. Individuals within the church sign up to sponsor a specific child from the group of children presented.

Donors may choose to sponsor a primary child for $35 per month, or a high school student for $70 per child per month. Each donor receives a packet of information about child sponsorship with a picture of the child sponsored. Each sponsor can write to his child throughout the sponsorship, and will receive three letters from his/her child each year. Sponsorship gifts can be given through this website.

With this approach, the sponsorship gifts received are pooled so that each child receives the same benefits: meals, uniforms, fees, textbooks, and gifts. No child receives more than any other. The funds also provide assistance for teacher and staff salaries, building maintenance, utilities, school equipment, religious outings.