World of Sports

Everybody is involved in sports at one point or the other in their human development. It is an important activity that helps a person to develop physically while providing an avenue for recreation. Sports is also a professional profession that is a multi-billion dollar industry. For those who are gifted in this area are able to be gainfully employed in the different sports teams or activites.

We nurture and expose our students who are gifted in this area to develop their sporting skill to stand a better chance of playing professionally.

We shall re-examine Sports from a Kingdom dimension and perspective, knowing that God is the one who brought forth this sphere of life into being, and that Kingdom oriented Sports as God intended works to worship, reflect, and serve God, and is always carried out in alignment with God’s will (agenda or blueprint), righteousness (order, etc), and excellence (standard of glory). This way Sports as it was meant to be ends up pleasing God, bringing Him pleasure, and being an Eden unto God.

I) Defining Sports. We shall re-define Sports from a Kingdom perspective. Definition of Sports: A Sport is any activity carried out by any being/creature which involves spiritual, soulical, or/and physical exertion for the purposes of worshipping, reflecting, and/or serving God. These activities may be for pleasure, exercise, transformation, or obtaining certain goals/results, but they must all remain aligned with God’s purposes (to worship, reflect, and serve God), will (agenda or blueprint), righteousness (order, etc), and excellence (standard of glory).

The word “sporting” as used in Genesis 26:8 is interpreted from the Hebrew word “tsachaq”, and it means “laugh outright (in merriment or scorn), to mock, to play, or to make sport”. The word “play”, as used in 2 Samuel 6:21 is derived from the Hebrew word “sachaq”, and means “deride, have in derision, laugh, make merry, mock, play, rejoice, (laugh to) scorn, be in (make) sport”. The relationship between the words “tsachaq” and “sachaq” show a relationship between the words “sport” and “play”, such that the two words can sometimes be used interchangeably. This also goes to show that different forms of play activities in which beings/creatures exert themselves spiritually, soulically, and/or physically are forms of Sports. This play may be in the form of dancing, aerobic (including movements we make when we praise God – Psalms 63:4, Psalms 95:6, & Acts 3:8), playing games, cheering/supporting, etc.

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