Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consist of four key individuals from a diverse wealth of background who complement each other in offering leadership and direction towards the fulfillment of Genesis Joy International Institute’s vision and mandate.


Mr. Christopher Barassa


Chris is the Founder and President of Genesis Joy International Institute. He is called in the World of Science, Technology & Education. He grew up in Mathare valley, Nairobi’s second largest slum in Kenya. He decided early to devote his life to the children and the youth of the populace community in Mathare. He started Genesis Joy international Institute to serve as an outreach to train, empower and equip the humanity by developing the local community through Education, Evangelism and Economic empowerment as a result positively impact the lives of the populace in the urban slums in Africa who will subsequently advance the wider community having been empowered socio-economically hence transforming their respective communities.

He has introduced the 7 Professional world curriculum to train and equip students to be leaders in their 7 professional worlds. He believes that everyone has been assigned to a specific area of expertise and grace and in that place, they thrive to full potential. Chris has a Bachelor of Degree in Education from Kenyatta University.


Chris Lumuli Ambeba

Vice President

Chris was born and raised in Kenya and saw first-hand how poverty affected families, especially children. He is called in World of Government and Millitary.He desires to go back to Africa to help take care of orphans and the poor. His main goal is to build capacity to provide housing, food, healthcare, and education for the poor and vulnerable children and the youth in the society, and evangelism.

Mrs. Barassa

Mrs. Beatrice Barassa


Beatrice was born and raised in Mathare slums Nairobi’s second largest slum. She went through so many challenges as a girl including gender discrimination. She is called in the World of family and her vision as a mother is to train and equip the children and the youth and particularly the young mothers who are mostly parents of the school and also vulnerable and culpable to the urban slums environment through life skills trainings, guidance and counseling to families in the slums, economic empowerment trainings, and evangelism to rise up to be leaders in their different spheres of influence and thereby standing as role models in the next generation.


Erica Joy Ambeba


Erica says, ever since she was a child, she always envisioned going to Africa and helping transform lives through healthcare. She is called in the World of Healthcare. Her desires has led her to study public health. She has a master’s degree in public health and a doctorate in epidemiology. Her goal is to see healthcare in Africa improved and to see public health education widely taught.