World of Industry, Commerce & Finance

With the understanding of the seven professional worlds, we focus on identifying and nurturing students who are gifted in the world of business better called, Industry, Commerce and Finance.

Students are equipped with the relevant knowledge, understanding and practical ways of engaging and positioning themselves as professionals in the world of business. Whether it is producing goods or services, the curriculum focuses on principles that will aid the students to become the best within their sector of operation.

We shall define the words “Industry”, “Commerce”, and “Finance” from a Kingdom perspective, and then come to see their (“Industry”, “Commerce”, and “Finance”) working relationship one with another, as this will help us to better understand why they are grouped together under this professional nation.

Defining Industry, Commerce, and Finance

i) Definition of Industry: Industry is the production of goods and/or services. Therefore, wherever goods and/or services are produced from is an industry. Any being/creation that produces some form of good(s) and service(s) is an industry. Everything that God made was a form of good produced, as it was a good product which was to do some good in life. This is partly why the scriptures say when God looked at what was created/produced, “God saw that it was good”. Adam was to carry out the service of cultivating and guarding the Garden of Eden. Even the sun and the moon carried out a service in God’s Kingdom as they were positioned to govern the day time and night time.

ii) Definition of Commerce: This is the exchange of goods and/or services for their perceived value. A person can exchange the goods and/or services that he/she produced or acquired for any form of strength such as diverse abilities (man power, wisdom, etc), money, other goods, other services, or credited value.

iii) Definition of Finance: This is value credited to a person, creature, or thing. It is not limited to the value of money as we know it, but rather it is any form of value credited to a being, creature, or thing. This is the value for which a being, creature, or thing is perceived to be worth.