High School

In the year 2006, with the spirit of providing continuity in education for the Children leaving Primary level and just to drop out in other Private or Public secondary schools , our project opened a secondary school wing (Genesis Joy High School) to strengthen transition rate.

This was an idea warmly received by the parents of the students leaving the primary school since most of them were in no position financially to take their children to other secondary schools including Government Secondary schools. On the other hand, the community felt attached to the school, as most of their children had gone through the project’s system irrespective of the many difficulties and challenges experienced.

As a social responsibility, the school provides education for many orphaned and vulnerable children. The school also provides full sponsorship for pupils from less fortunate families who go ahead and perform well in the national examinations. Such students are accorded to pursue their dreams and help uplift their families by being allowed to learn free. Genesis joy project institute is in process of establishing a wing for Professional Studies and Technical institutions to offer courses for secondary school leavers.

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