World of Government & Military

All over the world challenges are being experienced at an exponential level in governments and militaries. The political arena is becoming more and more volatile and unstable. This coupled with the rise of terrorism, economic difficulties, globalization and climate change has proved to be an unending headache to global leaders and military strategists. and We shall define the words “Government” and “Military” from a Kingdom perspective, and then come to see their working relationship one with another. We will also define “Politics” so as to understand why “Politics” is actually a devilish corruption of this professional nation, and also to better understand how God intends for the

Now more than ever, there is need for a new crop of leaders who are able to articulate and implement God’s blueprint for their nations and achieve the divine destinies of those nations.

Man by himself is limited and without drawing on God’s wisdom and leadership, our best will always fall below par. It is with this in mind that we train our students to be leaders with a difference, able to co-labour with God in transforming communities and nations to achieve and maximize their full potential.

Defining Government and Military

i) Definition of Government: Government is an institution ordained by God and charged with the responsibility of administrating (supervising and regulating) the executive, judicial, and legislative rulership (authority, power, and influence) over an individual, community, civilizations, geography, and/or resources.

God ordained government has three major arms or component which work together to bring about effective and balanced governance. These three arms are the executive (they are responsible to execute the law), the judiciary (they are responsible to interpret the law), and the legislative (they are responsible to make the law).

ii) Definition of Military: This is an organ of government responsible for the maintenance and the defense of the sovereignty, security, peace (well being), and stability of an entity/state (individual, community, civilization, geography, and/or resource).

Military on a general sense will include all the security organs of the government. They all work to maintain and defend the sovereignty, security, peace (well being), and stability of its entity/state from both internal and external aggressors (enemies). This also means that a God ordained military does not seek to deter another entity’s/state’s sovereignty, security, peace (well being), and stability.

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