Our Founders’ Story

In the year 2000,in Kenya’s capital city,Nairobi, in Mathare slums, about four (4) kilometres from Thika high way, a baby class was established by Mr. Christopher Barassa, aided by his wife, Mrs. Beatrice Barassa.

Life for both women and children was unbearable in the new barren land. Faces of distressed children as young as three years were seen roaming the street towards city park hawkers market, involving themselves in begging, collecting metals for sell, in child labour, since majority were family bread winners, and this denied them the access to free primary education (FPE). Mr. Barassa decided to volunteer his services to the orphans and vulnerable children in Mathare slum by converting his single room into a classroom and there after, Baby class was born. With the support of his wife who was still working elsewhere, feeding programme was introduced to maintain enrolment and concentration in class.

Mr/Mrs. Barassa, who are both born again believers, say they are on assignment. Assigned to influence and reconcile to the Kingdom of God every area of human endeavour within the slums of Mathare and Nairobi at large, and therefore Genesis joy is the pulpit. They both had these to say;


Mr. Christopher Barassa

We aim to offer a 7 World Professional curriculum. We want to identify, train and equip students to be leaders in their respective abilities and talents. We do believe that everyone has been assigned on this earth to a specific area of calling or expertise and graces and in that place they thrive to full potential. We hope that in the near future Genesis Joy International Institute, will have schools named according to the 7 professional worlds. For example we will have, The School of the World of Family, The School of the World of Arts, Media & Entertainment, etc. All this would go far in helping bring about a holistic generation of people who have socioeconomic empowerment thereby standing as role models to the next generation.

There is no one God does not want. When God looked down on the earth, He saw Mary-a young girl in the Israel dust, just minding her own business. There she was in her ordinary life setting, not looking for life to look any differently, Heaven broke into her life. God put His finger on Mary, and her life would never look the same again.

God wants you! Not simply for what you can do. That doesn’t really matter anyway! He could do it Himself if He wanted. But He chooses you. When He looks down in our day and sees you in your day-to-day life you ravish His heart. One touch from you to these children and their lives will be turned upside down. You have been handpicked by Heaven to carry its nature. You have been created to fill that role.

Mrs. Barassa

Mrs. Beatrice Barassa

Our objectives are to run a transformative school, which will provide a second opportunity to orphans and vulnerable children and out of school youths. I am a mother and having been brought up from the Mathare slum, whenever I look into the eyes of the children I see Jesus staring back at me. They are my greatest teachers and have given me childlike hope a belief that says that no matter how much devastation exists around us, Heaven’s help can change everything. I would want this self-help school to be wholesome, including Early Childhood Development right up to tertiary School.

We, therefore, seek to provide the youth with not only formal academic education, but also with high moral values and attitudes, as well as life skills that will help them become self-reliant. This requires that we provide guidance and counselling in family life particularly HIV/AIDS, abstinence for young girls and boys of school going age, especially single mothers, who comprise majority of these parents and others in the local community. I therefore welcome any individual or any organization to partner with us to accomplish the assignment, as Jesus Christ didn’t just work with the poor. He decided to come as one of them, live alongside with them, sit next to them and struggle with them through the realities of life to accomplish the assignment.