world of Arts, Media and Entertainment

The world of Arts, Media and Entertainment is very influential in shaping the culture of the day and as such we consciously work to identify students who are gifted in the arts and expose them to knowledge and exercises that help them to prepare for careers in the arts world.

This world is divided into Arts, Media and Entertainment yet this three work together.

Art is any creative work that brings the creator pleasure. Art is simply creating for pleasure, yet we also understand that the first creator who is God is also the first artist from whom all artistic gifts stem from. Therefore, Art is any creative work that brings God pleasure first, then the artist and ultimately everyone else.

Media is simply the channel through which communication is passed. There are different forms of media, for example, electronic (TV, radio), print (newspaper, magazine), oral (face to face communication), new media (internet, phones etc).

Entertainment is the ability to capture and hold someone’s attention.

Areas of gifting in the world of arts, media and entertainment is very diverse from fine arts, fashion design, photography, interior design, music, acting, etc.